Mt. Hoy - Blackwell Forest Preserve - Warrenville, Il

Last weekend was GORGEOUS!  We had some plans with friends all weekend, but we had a few hours on Saturday morning to head out for a nice short hike. We decided to head to the Blackwell Forest Preserve and hike around Mt. Hoy. An old Illinois hiking book I have (that I have since departed with because it was really out of date) mentioned the “panoramic views from Mt. Hoy” and we thought we would go see what that was all about.

Mt. Hoy

 It turns out Mt. Hoy is an old landfill that has been reclaimed and is now used for hiking and tubing in the winter months. We hiked up and down Mt. Hoy in under 10 minutes, stopping at the top to take in the view. To be honest, we didn’t want to hang around too long.  It smelled a little funny and my super sniffer couldn’t handle it.  However, the hill was covered in pretty wildflowers and the view was nice.

There wasn’t much more of a trail after we hiked down.  It looked like most people sort of ran a loop around and up Mt. Hoy as exercise. So we crossed the street to check out Silver Lake.  The trail didn’t go too far here either, but we hiked around and found a really nice picnic shelter area.  Then we found a little trail along the lake – likely used for fishing and looped around on the road and headed back to the car. 

It wasn’t our most exciting trip, but it was good to get out and explore a place we’ve never been. We plan on coming back to Silver Lake to practice in our canoe next summer, but we probably won’t be back for a hike.  This section of Blackwell seems to be reserved mostly for boating, archery, and winter tubing!

More information on Mt. Hoy can be found on the Blackwell Forest Preserve Website.