Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!  I hope you are taking some time off and relaxing! I don't know about you guys and gals, but I've been feeling a bit stuck lately. My little guy (and big buy) always make me feel like the best person in the world, but I feel a little stagnant at my job and I've hit a creative bump, which I am slowly working my way out of. Some days I feel like I'm 35 and still trying to figure out what I'm meant to do in life!  

So I plan on taking this nice long weekend and relaxing, doing some gardening, hopefully getting some blog posts finished and hanging out with the family. We camped in our backyard last weekend but I am not sure if the weather is going to cooperate this weekend. I also hope to get out on a few long hikes and check out the Hawthorne Hill Nature Center in Elgin to test out our new scavenger hunt so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I'm visualizing good weather. That stuff works, right?

Speaking of the scavenger hunt, you can download your free copy here. If your heading out on a hike or just tooling around the backyard this scavenger hunt will keep the kiddies entertained.

Oh! And if you're heading out camping this weekend be sure to download my camping checklist to make sure you are spending your time outside instead of at the local Wal-Mart hunting down things you need!

Happy Hunting!